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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 7, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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rachel maddow show". the biggest monthly job growth in four years. these monthly jobs numbers are where we got the whole bikini graph thing in the first place. this is what the job situation looked like before today. okay? this is a full year of rather horrific jobs losses, this is the final year of the bush administration. right? and then job losses steadily sort of get better during the first year of the obama administration. and it gave us all together this graph that kind of sort of at least in the eyes of our executive producer bill wolf looks like a bikini. sort of. well, i'm not sure it ever did in the first place but that's what we've called it. the thing is, it's not really a bikini anymore. one of the things that happens as new jobs numbers come out each month is the figures from the previous months get revised to reflect better data. so instead of losing 1,000 jobs in february, we gained 39,000.
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so this number changed a little bit. instead of gaining 162,000 jobs in march, this number changed a bit too. we actually gained 230,000. that brings us to april. that brings us to last month. i love doing this. ready? last month -- ta-da! 290,000 jobs created in april. go america. usa. usa. the biggest job creation in four years. the biggest one-month manufacturing job creation in almost 12 years. so instead of this thing looking like a bikini, it's now starting to look like -- i don't know. i don't know. maybe a loch ness monster maybe? see? loch ness? does that help? yeah. little loch ness monster, maybe? nessie? to be honest, bill wolf named the bikini graph and now when he
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sees this he says he sees the loch ness monster. we'll let him go with that. whether or not you see the monster, these latest numbers are g ev are good. in addition to jobs being up, the employment rate also went up. the unemployment rate getting worse in this case is there are starting to be new jobs in the economy. i know it sounds counterintuitive but people are looking for work again. people written off the unemployment rolls because they were so discouraged they were not even looking for work are now back looking again. that's how simultaneously we see the unemployment rate going up even as new jobs were created. now, big picture. overall. economically are we in good shape as a country? of course not. we're obviously still digging out of a huge, horrible recession right now. just for context, we are -- i'm going to use april here to help us out here. we are here in this recession here. right?
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this is the graph of all the big recessions we've had since world war ii, since the late 1940s. this shows the percentage of jobs lost over time. here's what past recessions have looked like. right? here's what ours looks like. things are bad. nobody's going to tell you that things are good. but what came out today in terms of what happened in april reminds us at least we are finally going in the right direction. even though a bad economy is never good politically for the party in power, the fact that things are going in the right direction now is especially challenging for the party out of power. the top republican in the house, john boehner, did you see this today? did you see him react to these numbers today? john boehner released a statement today decrying these new jobs numbers. john boehner choosing, despite the jobs report, to stick to the republican slogan, where are the jobs? that was his statement about the new jobs numbers. they're right here. it's so weird.
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it was such a weird thing to do. it's like handing somebody a cookie and them responding, i want a cookie. i want a cookie. dude, i just handed you a cookie. there's the jobs. show me the jobs. roy blunt running for senate in missouri right now did essentially the same thing now. he put out a release today in response saying, show me the jobs. okay. roy blunt, dude. here they are. here are the jobs. i'm showing them to you. eat your cookie. again, no reason to be excited about the big picture story of the american economy. we are still in the dumps. but things are going in the right direction. on the subject of the economy, though, and as long as i'm standing here talking about giant graphs, this is probably also the time to mention this big graph. did you see this? the big flash crash of 2010. graphs of large-scale economic activity are never supposed to look like this. things like this aren't supposed to happen in economic nature.
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never, ever, ever. there's never supposed to be anything that looks like this. but yesterday we had the biggest ever within the day point drop. the market has never dropped this many points during one trading day. last night we talked about what might have led to this happening there. were rumors a citigroup trader may have sold a billion shares of something when he only meant to sell a million. maybe it was a typo that caused the whole thing to collapse. citigroup says that didn't happen. there's clearly a financial autopsy going on by regulators to figure out what did happen, though. what happened yesterday on wall street was a moment of eek. something really strange happened, and obviously we need to get to the bottom of it. but it speaks to a much larger issue here will the whole economy. about the whole financial system in this country. if you are a global investor, somewhere in the world now there are tons of places to put your money. you can put your money in
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london, hong kong, singapore, you name it. we of course as americans want all that money to come through the u.s. whatever your feelings are about wall street, for the sake of our economy, we want as much business as possible going through our financial markets. and when you think about it, why would anybody want to invest with us? if we have, a, unpredictable, inexplicable giant not found in nature flash crashes, like we did yesterday, and, b, if government regulators are so underpowered that something like, say, the bernie madoff thing went on for years undetected by them, or, c, how about a financial system with giant players like goldman sachs allegedly selling products to their consumers, selling products to their customers that were designed to fail. and again, at least thus far they've gotten away with it. essentially our message to the rest of the global capital markets out there is, come do business in america.
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the system is totally rigged in favor of the crooks and you'll get fleeced. for a long time now we've had unregulated markets, poorly regulated markets and markets that just aren't required to work very well. the jobs picture in this country might be improving but we have a problem right now in terms of america competing for global financial industry money. with the system that we have. we can't compete for that money unless people believe that the system rules and the cops in our financial system work well, unless we reform wall street, even if we can figure out how to get that loch ness monster into that bikini, even if we pull off some sort of domestic miracle, we are not going to be able to compete. and to keep recovering. joining us now is economist dean baker, co-director for the center of economic and policy research. dean baker, nice to see you again. do we have -- >> can you hear me? >> now i can hear you. >> hi. >> sorry about that.
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first of all, how was the u.s. financial system viewed by global investors before, let's say, december 2007 when this giant recession hit? what was our reputation? >> well, wall street really was the gold standard. you're mentioning the other financial centers around the world, hong kong, singapore, financial centers in india. we have a lot of competition. people went to the united states and went to wall street because they were the gold standard. you wanted people that were credible, you knew if you were buying something there it was supposed to be a good product and people stood behind it. it was thought to be the cleanest market in the world. >> in the wake of things like the bernie madoff scandal, the goldman sachs charges, in the wake of what happened here that led to the financial system crisis that we had, what would you say of our reputation right now? >> it's shattered. you've had disaster after disaster. the madoff story of course is a big one, probably the goldman sachs is a worse scandal from
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the standpoint of potential customers. here you have this huge investment bank that's setting their clients up to lose money. that's pretty serious. also something that's got a little less attention, there was an article about a town in italy where they had bought a product totally inappropriate for them, a high-risk product they obviously didn't understand, it was a midsize city, that goldman sachs sold to them. people don't need investment banks to rip them off. anybody can do that, so why should they go to wall street? >> as you can tell from my introduction, i view this as a come pets tiveness issue for the united states. are those that compete with us, other markets, are they becoming more attractive places for investors to put their money while we're simultaneously becoming less attractive? >> they had been for a long time. they're lower cost, they compete to some extent on cost, they are building up their credibility as
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good markets and people can view them as trust worthy. as we get more and more mired in who knows what nonsense will come out next but more and more mired in corruption and silly mistakes like this glitch that who knows what caused that, it certainly undermines our credibility. so if we want to have a financial center that can compete with those around the world, we have to clean it up. >> what we are debating in this country is more regulation for the financial industry, more rules for wall street. some people look at that and say why would global investors want to put their money in a financial system that's becoming increasingly regulated? how do global investigators view regulations when they're deciding where to invest? i'm guessing it's not a simple calculation. >> no, it's not. there are cost factors, again, you know, the banks are often saying this will raise our cost and that's in many cases going to be true. if you have to have capital requirements, high capital requirements, that means you have money sitting there not getting interest. you're not making money on that.
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so you have to somehow cover that, so that will raise your cost. but think of the food and drug administration. you know, i think most people, even republicans tend to like that because we want to know if we're -- we're getting this drug, we want to know it's the drug it's supposed to be, it's safe, processed well, manufactured well. same thing with finance. and if we can say that we have credible regulatory agencies, that's a really big plus. if we don't have credible regulatory agencies people don't know what they're dealing with. >> economist dean baker, co-director of the economic policy and research and a person who has a talent of being a clear explainer of these things, thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. if you have been reading the beltway press in the last few months, you will no doubt be awared that the unbridled theory of the tea party movement has changed everything this political season. if you've been paying attention to what's actually happening in real politics, you may have noticed that that's total bullpucky. stay with us. national car rental?
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do you remember how during the fight over health reform every once in a while an insurance company would get caught sending out lobbying materials essentially to its own customers? lobbying its own customers with anti-health reform mailers? like the super scary totally misleading letter humana sent to seniors last fall waerning them health reform was really a secret plot to cut their medicare benefits? you might also recall last summer when oil companies started bussing their employees to rallies protesting against climate change legislation so it would look like there was a big swell of grassroots opposition to the climate change bill. if an industry apparently any industry is about to be regulated in this country, you can pretty much count on that industry deploying a massive professional fake grassroots pr campaign to oppose that regulation at all costs. we saw it with health reform, we have seen it with climate change and now, now that financial reform is getting serious consideration in congress, we
9:17 pm
are seeing it again. but there is a more shameless and insidious element to the industry designed astroturf campaign under way to oppose financial reform. this corporate lobbying tactic was devised and carried out by the payday lending industry. we talked about the cartoon villainy of the payday industry on this show. what payday lenders actually do is known as loan shashing. they offer mostly to low income customers what look like short term loans but they're designed to roll over and over every couple of weeks collecting giant new fees each time until their customers are buried in debt and ultimately have to pay the equivalent of up to 400% annual interest. payday lenders are allowed to do that to engage essentially in usury because they're not at all regulated by the federal government. some states regulate them but some states don't. it looks like congress might be
9:18 pm
allowed to change that through a new consumer agency that's part of the financial reform bill that's being debated right now. so, cue the depraved payday lending opposition effort. david lazeras is reporting on payday lenders to pressure not their employees, but their customers. the people borrowing money from them at 400% interest into opposing financial reform. this was exposed when both of california's senators, barbara boxer and dianne feinstein said they were getting suspiciously similar sounding calls from payday lending borrowers demanding that congress leave the payday lending industry alone. no regulations for the loan sharks. i mean, payday lenders. senator boxer told the "l.a. times" the calls were coming from a few phone numbers and it sounded like the callers were reading from the same script. but senator boxer said what was most surprising is that the callers were opposing a bill
9:19 pm
that was designed specifically to protect them. why would the very people being trapped or tricked into paying 400% interest be against regulations that would give them better interest rates? well, a woman named norma kennell said when she visited her local loan shark -- payday lender -- to make a payment on her 180% interest loan, she was encouraged by an employee to make this call to fight financial reform. she was given a flyer that listed contact information for senators boxer and feinstein. the flyer read in part, quote, if we don't act today, congress will create a new agency and a government takeover of your personal finances. this new agency would have the power to regulate and restrict your personal credit options. tell the senators to stop the community financial protection agency. which isn't what it's called. but still. tell them you're angry about health care and now congress wants to control your right to get credit. tell them you've had enough and that the senator should stand
9:20 pm
firm against the administration's attempt to interfere in your financial decisions. cue the twirling of the evil villainous mustache. she did not call her senators and demand that they vote against financial reform that would benefit her. but she did offer insight into why so many others did. telling the "l.a. times" she was worried the payday lender holding her 180% interest loan would retaliate against her if she didn't make the calls. she said, quote, what if they call in the loan? and with that, the payday lending industry has bested its own record for amoral sleaziness. it's okay to exploit people financially desperate. their business model is something that, frankly should be illegal. and now that it's in danger of actually being illegal they are trying to create a fake grassroots effort, not by bussing their own employees to rallies or organizing tea
9:21 pm
parties are making websites but by indim tating their borrowers into fighting for more high interest debt cycles. the payday lending industry exsipses because the people behind it essentially figured out how to legally steal your wallet and now they're trying to make you help them legally steal your wallet and others' too. ♪
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tell you what about the tea party movement. from everything i've read, they
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are angry, they're massing in huge numbers, they are independent and they are principled. tea partiers stick to their -- you know, they believe in their cause. except when they don't. we learned yesterday that the de facto patron saint of the tea party movement, sarah palin, has endorsed a republican candidate for senate in california and it is not the tea party guy, instead sarah palin endorsed carly fiorina, the former hewlett-packard employee and very little tea party cred. how could that be? sarah palin endorsing a corporate rich type instead of the tea party type? quote, please consider that carly is the conservative who has the potential to beat california's liberal senator barbara boxer in november. later that same day there was an update. quote, most importantly, carly is the only conservative in the race who can beat barbara boxer.
9:26 pm
so it's small government anti-establishment i hate washington party politics except when it's -- whatever, i pick the one who's not a tea partier because she's more electable. it's been kind of a crummy couple of weeks for the movement that if you believe the beltway press is supposedly going to dominate the coming elections. the tea party candidate voted most likely to succeed in the class of 2010 is of course marco rubio, whose republican candidacy for senate in florida ran the republican governor of florida, charlie crist, out of the republican party altogether. now that governor crist has said he will run for senate but as an independent, a mason-dixon poll of a hypothetical three-way race for the florida senate including rubio and independent charlie crist he shows rubio losing to crist by six points. but i thought the tea party was
9:27 pm
the big story of -- then there were the election results of this week, none of which substantiated the eat, drink, sleep, that story thatanti- anti-incumbent cyst the ap ran this inexplicable headline about the primaries. i've got this printed out and taped up on the wall in my office next to my desk because i think it's so awesome. unharnessed anger, incumbents win in north carolina, ohio and indiana. but if it's unharnessed anger, wait a minute. how -- oh, geez. also "the christian science monitor" said this. primary election results, establishment candidates battered. results from tuesday saw establishment candidates face
9:28 pm
stiff opposition from challengers, who they beat. put another way, establishment candidates succeed tea party movement may be louder and more reported than it is powerful or organized. joining us now is news editor at thanks very much for being here. >> happy to be here. >> i enjoy reporting on the tea party phenomenon as much, if not more than anyone. do you think that the pure enjoyability of that movement has caused there to be essentially a media fisheye lens effect on their effectiveness? >> i have to plead guilty, too, you're trying to make decisions every day about what do we put up, what do we not put up for stories. if it's a tea party story you're generally going to get reaction, find something colorful and find something the audience responds to. but what the tea party represents in politics, i think it represents something that's not new at all. completely understand, it represents the republican base.
9:29 pm
the base of the republican party and specifically how the base of the republican party reacts when they're completely shut out of power. we've seen this before. there was no name threat in 1993, 199 4, but the venom was there, the rejections of bill clinton, the democratic agenda, it was all there. there just wasn't the name, the tea party, to latch on to. you're seeing that knee jerk rejectionism and it comes under the name tea party. the problem that it's this new force that's all powerful, i think the problem is it's getting mixed up in something else that's not new at all in politics and that is the buyers remorse nature of midterm elections. it was inevitable. if you think back to the election of 2008 and the euphoria and all of that, it was a great night and all of that. but inevitable from the moment that the democratic president with massive democratic majorities in the house and senate, entering the office with
9:30 pm
double-digit unemployment and catastrophe he inherited, not to mention two wars, there was going to be buyers remorse. buyers remorse means those swing voters latch on to the opposition party simply as a vehicle of protest. and they don't look at all the details. i think a lot of people that have moved against obama when you see these polls, his popularity may be dropping, democrats aren't looking good in 2010, these are people simply latching on to the republican party as a protest vehicle. they will go back to the democratic party because they like obama, if the economy recovers, because they like obama. but right now the media looks at these big poll numbers and says obama's dropping, republican candidates are doing well, therefore the tea party movement is on the rise. >> buff the media getting thins wrong isn't just a reflection of the media being dumb or easily swayed, the media can also have an effect on politics and if the perception of the tea party is dominating the perception of opposition politics, that effects whether or not people are willing to sign up with the opposition, does it not?
9:31 pm
>> sure, yes it will. this is the trap for republicans and this is why, at one level you want to bemoan what the media is doing now, but this is a class ip trap for the republicans. i don't want to get too wonky with history here but this is sort of the trap the democrats fell in 1981, '82 when reagan first came to power. they didn't understand the buyers remorse nature of 1982. the democrats slaughtered reagan in the '82 midterms. they nominated walter mondale in 1984. the republicans i believe are going to do well this november simply because of the buyers remorse nature. but then they're going to wake up and the unemployment rate will be under 8% in 2012, then the tea party is a problem. then obama is standing there with the personal popularity he had in 2008 that comes back, as reagan's did. >> if they do succeed in dragging mainstream republican candidates far to the right, republicans paper the price in
9:32 pm
2012. >> absolutely. >> i can't believe we haven't had you on the show before. i really enjoy you and i hope you'll come back. thanks a lot. appreciate it. happy anniversary wishes are in order this weekend for the birth control pill. also, happy mother's day. because the world is sometimes hilarious that way. anyway, what better way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a genuine game changer than by spotlighting the singular essential unmatched piece of writing on the subject of the birth control pill. it was the work of an american treasure named loretta lynne and that is coming up in just a moment.
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a canadian kid was arrested in 2002 when he was 15 years old. he was picked up in afghanistan. u.s. forces say he confessed to throwing a grenade that killed a u.s. soldier. that kid claims he confessed to no such thing. he said anything he said like that was forcibly extracted from him and that therefore can't be used against him. this past week at a military tribunal at guantanamo, the man who was the first officer to
9:36 pm
interrogate this kid after arrest in 2002 testified as a witness, and he made a really remarkable admission. he said that early in his interrogation of this 15-year-old he decided to use the fear up approach. the madeup crypto interrogation techniq technique, to make prisoners so scared they would talk. actually experienced interrogators tell us that terrifying people can be a way to get them to talk, it just isn't a way to get them to tell the truth. the interrogator testified that in order to terrify him, he threatened him with rape and possibly death. the washington independent has been doing great coverage of this case. let me let spencer describe what the interrogator admitted on the stand. quote, interrogator number one began using techniques that he said were designed to elicit fear from the detainee. one involved telling a
9:37 pm
fictitious story, something those at bagram came up with after noticing they are terrified of getting raped and in generally homosexuality. sent to a u.s. prison where four big black guys and big nazis eye up the fictitious detainee and the black inmates rape him in a shower, a brutalization that proves to be fatal. they told him if he didn't cooperate he'd be sent to the u.s. to be raped and killed in prison. then the kid confessed. despite the legal gymnastics of the bush administration, threatening to kill a prisoner is a war crime. nevertheless, interrogator number one appears to testify about what he did without immunity and without being forced to give that testimony. now, this was a pretrial hearing about the admissibility of the evidence of this against this
9:38 pm
canadian kid, he has been in prison for eight years already. he's now 23 years old. but here was the kicker, that happened in guantanamo this week. pursuant to their reporting on this case, the office of the secretary of defense decided to kick four reporters out of guantanamo and has banned them from coming back. the pentagon's complaint against these four reporters is they published the name of interrogator number one who testified as a witness. that interrogator has done an interview under his real name with one of these reporters, his name is available by the prosecution and defense in this case, it has been printed in multiple publications, but the pentagon has kicked these reporters out and banned them from guantanamo indefinitelily. one of those reporters just banned is the most experienced guantanamo reporter in the country. carol rosen berg of "the miami
9:39 pm
herald." michelle shepherd of the "toronto star." the others were from canada, they're described by spencer ackerman as, quote, invaluable resources about the case and guantanamo to their journalistic colleagues. now the pentagon has banned them from publishing information that has been publicly available for years and other people have published too. if this ad men strags is trying to make the case that the tribunals at guantanamo aren't kangaroo fake courts, then this whole expoliceable banning the press thing is not helping. next up, a quick programming note about arizona's papers please law, the anti-immigration group that takes credit for writing papers please is f.a.i.r., we had the group's president on the show last week. it was a contentious interview. because the f.a.i.r. president
9:40 pm
said i had everything all wrong in that interview, we fact checked it on the air the next day. here's one thing he asserted i got wrong that we couldn't fact check at the time but now we can. here's what he said. >> in 1997 you did an interview with tucker carlson. he asked you to respond to this quote, it would be better to encourage the breeding of more intelligent people rather than less intelligent. he said that in the context -- expressing. >> rachel, rachel -- >> let me finish the question and then you can answer. it works. every night i try it. trust me. says your response was yeah, so what? what is your problem with that? should we be subsidizing beam with low iqs to have as children as possible. >> it's a misquote. tucker carlson has admitted most of the quotes were twisted and misquotes. >> he's taking it all back.
9:41 pm
as we noted on this show the day after that interview we couldn't find any indication that a correction had ever been run about that interview from "the wall street journal" or that the super creepy quotes that tucker carlson attributed to the president of f.a.i.r. had been corrected or retracted in any way. since then we have heard from tucker carlson himself who assured us that not only was there no correction or public retraction made of those quotes but he stands by what he reported. tucker told us, quote, my "wall street journal" piece on f.a.i.r. is accurate and i have never said otherwise. so to be clear, the president of the group that wrote arizona's papers please law says that all the things we turned up about that group and their links to white supremacists and white separatists and eugenics, he says we were all wrong. when pushed, though, they have been unable to disprove any of the things we said about them. have a nice day. and finally, it's friday. it has been a tough news day frankly, it's been a tough news
9:42 pm
week. there's a lot going on in the world. but there's also loretta lynn in the world who is pure american goodness. and the fact that the birth control pill turns 50 this weekend is all the excuse i need here at "the rachel maddow show" to put this week's news burden with a little bit of loretta. so happy birthday, birth control pill, happy excuse to play loretta, 1974. ♪ there's going be changes made here on the hill. you've set this chicken your last time, 'cause now i've got the pill ♪ ♪ this old maternity dress i've got is going in the garbage ♪ ♪ the clothes i'm wearing from now on won't take up so much yardage ♪ ♪ miniskirt, hot pants and a few
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ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to so is everything but loretta lynn in turmoil this week? the answer is yes. we've uncovered controversy in the world of yoedling. you heard me. stay tuned.
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meet george alan reekers, a conservative baptist minister, co-founder of the vehemently anti-gay group and loudest proponent that homosexuality can be cured. here he is returning from a ten-day european vacation with a much younger quite hunky companion, whom he met and hired through the website rentboy, in case you're unfamiliar with the term, is not like, you know, man with a van, we'll help with moving, it's rentboy. you'll have to click through to acknowledge you're okay with sexually explicit material and then you essentially agree to pay for hunky male companionship. mr. reekers told the paper he hired this young man because i had surgery and i can't lift luggage, which doesn't explain why, in this new times photo, as you can see, it is mr. rekers
9:48 pm
wrangling the cart. the christian faith is based in love and to show the rent boy how he too could be could be saved. later the young man who mr. rekers brought to europe told the paper that he had spent part of each day on that trip giving mr. rekers massages, very, very specific massages. you can look up the descriptions of them online yourself. there's no need to get into that here. i realize this story has been everywhere this week. there are a lot of things that are funny about it and it is easy to have shoddenfraud about a guy this ostentatiously h hipcritical. but people being gay, but when people have built their careers, their professions on professions of their own social moral
9:49 pm
rectitude, when people have built their careers on trying to make dangerous and life miserable for gay people, congratulations, you've made the news. it's no longer just your private business. what hasn't been appreciated about the george rekers/rent boy case is just how miserable he has tried to make life for other gay people in this country and the fact that he's still doing it. here's george rekers getting caught at the miami airport on april 14th. the george rekers he does want you to see shows up here exactly two weeks earlier in this letter, dated march 31st. this letter was sent to every school superintendent in america, all 14,800 of them. the letter advises school districts, quote, it's essential to understand there is no scientific evidence that an individual is born gay or tra transgender. it's also critical to understand that these conditions can
9:50 pm
respond well to therapy. right, if you have the gay, don't worry. it can be cured. although doing so sometimes leaves a lingering backache, maybe? the, hey, superintendent, any gay kids in your school district need to be told they can be cured letter is from none other than george rekers. he's listed here on the letter of this group, the american college of pediatricians. that sounds official, it sounds serious, right? it's not. they are just one of these wacky far-right "cure the gays" groups. they're hoping that you will mistake them -- they are the american college of pediatricians -- they're hoping you will mistake them for the real doctors group, the american academy of pediatrics. that's the real group. again, the "cure the gays" liter from george rekers' group goes out on march 31st to every school district in the country. george rekers then shows up at miami's airport two weeks later with a hot young guy he hired off of, having just returned from a ten-day rentboy
9:51 pm
vacation. it's as though he and his colleagues put the letter in the mail, deadline met, and then left for two weeks of much-needed vacation, and massages. the reason george rekers' pitiful, closeted hypocritical life news is actual news is because he's quite actively engaged in trying to change this country to make it a more difficult place to be gay, particularly a more difficult place to be a young gay person. while he simultaneously hiring at least one young gay person to not carry his baggage. in 2004, george rekers was paid tens of thousands of dollars to testify as an expert witness for the state of arkansas, supporting that state's ban on gay parents caring for foster kids. in 2008, george rekers was again paid tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be an anti-gun expert witness. this time by the state of florida, to defend florida's ban on gay parents adopting. florida is fighting for that ban with the help of esteemed
9:52 pm
experts like george rekers. a court ruling on the constitutionality of that law is expected any day now. here's the basic idea about cases like this, and larry craig, and ted hargett, and john ensign, and david vitter and, and, and, and. the miserable denial and lying in your own sex lives is your own miserable, in denial lying business, unless you make it the whole country's business, by crusading against the thing that is true about yourself that you hate so much. being gay cannot be cured. being a contemptible, pathetic hypocrite can be cured. come out, come out, whatever you are. it always happens.
9:53 pm
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throat-singing correspondent. what, you thought we didn't have one? it's ken jones, of course. >> oh, we do. hi, rachel. i don't know how many times we said to each other at the morning meeting, gosh, i wish we had more times for this. [ yodeling ] >> reporter: ah, yodeling. originally a form of intermountain communications between isolated valleys in the alps, yodeling became a folk art in europe and a staple of country music here in the states. [ yodeling ] good news, yodel fans, tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the swiss yodeling association, and the yodeling association will stage a gala concert in the swiss city of bern. organizers feared the hockey rink was so big that the 600 yodelers on stage wouldn't be able to be heard properly, so they suggested backing the yodelers with recordings of extra voices, swiss yodelers
9:57 pm
howled with indignation. why, that's just one step away from lip syncing, are you trying to ruin yodeling? "this is taking the mickey out of the public." insisted another, "we'll never sing over pre-recorded tapes. in singing, we express our feeling." [ yodeling ] >> okay. >> come on, clap! >> i know. here's the thing about the yodeling story. so yodeling now is just for joy, but yodeling, obviously, was started to yell really loud to people on other mountains. the whole point was so that to do something with your voice that could be heard a zillion miles away. >> yeah, johan's over here and gehrig is over on the alp,.
9:58 pm
>> so what kind of swiss association can you be, if you don't think they'll be able to be heard in seat 14. >> bad strategy. that does it for us tonight. do what our favorite junior viewer cassie does, with hang out with our new blog on madd have a great weekend. good night. this season on "who do you think you are?" seven of the world's most beloved celebrities will embark on a life altering journey into their family's history. they will travel the world in search of their heritage. family mysteries will be revealed. >> i had always thought she was dead. >> this is the only-known picture of him? >> that's the only know picture. >> absolutely terrifying. >> and everything they thought they knew will be rewritten. >> what?! >> this is a story that's getting good. >> yes!
9:59 pm
>> gettysburg. >> gettysburg. >> that's history right there. >> it sure is. >> lives will be changed. >> my name is lisa kudrow, and i think we're related. >> roots will be discovered. >> amazing. it's incredible. >> this is it. this is where it all began. >> it all started here. >> because to know who you are, you have to know where you came from. >> it's like learning that there's something different in your being than what you always thought. >> i have found what i was looking for. >> so do you know who you are? >> oh, yeah, i've always known who i am, but now i know more. >> it's changed everything about who i thought i was. everything. >> tonight, football legend emmitt smith embarks on to an incredible journey into his